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Lunch Ladies Win Nevermore's & Jay Kay's Best Horror Shorts Of 2018 - "Scr*w You, Oscars"

Nevermore Horror

In a shocking display of bad sportsmanship, the Lunch Ladies - who were qualified for the 2019 Oscars but did not get a nom - have gone on record to say "Scr*w You, Oscars" after Nevermore Horror awarded them Best Horror Short of 2018 and Jay Kay of Horror Happens Radio shouted them out as one of the Top 30 Horror Shorts Of The Year.



Apparently, the Lunch Ladies acted like they gave zero f*cks when they didn't get a nod from the Academy and in fact congratulated the other films that did. However, deep down they were steaming, broiling mad. How dare the Academy not recognize the incredible artistic relevance the Lunch Ladies have contributed to the world of cinematic expression?

For weeks, the two women planned revenge and were purported to have been collecting machetes, maces and cleavers at thrift stores across town. On the brink of doing something heinous, they abandoned plans after hearing Nevermore's and Jay's vindicating news:

"Thanks Nevermore and Jay for the awards! You single-handedly prevented us from murdering again. Oh. And, scr*w you, Oscars!"

If you haven't seen Lunch Ladies yet go to Prime Video, Kanopy or Canal+ (French Territories).

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