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In Spirit Of Brando, Very Important Filmmaker Boycotts Mockfest Award Show After Lunch Ladies WINS

Breaking Story!

Lunch Ladies has just WON Best of Mockfest!

For many filmmakers this would be thrilling news akin to winning an Oscar, but for Very Important Filmmaker, Clarissa Jacobson who is now too important to be associated with Lunch Ladies, she's anything BUT thrilled.

Said Ms. Jacobson over a martini, stirred not shaken, gin not vodka:

"When Lunch Ladies was appallingly nominated over my far superior piece of cinema - A Very Important Film - my cohort and I, Director, Shayna Weber*, stated if Lunch Ladies were to win, we would accept the award on behalf of A Very Important Film. However, in the tradition of activist/artist Marlon Brando we have now decided to protest this sham of a festival and its portrayal of important cinema. We very regretfully acknowledge that we cannot accept the award and have sent the director of Lunch Ladies, JM Loganfeather, to attend in our stead. Thank you, and God Bless."

Buy your ticket HERE to catch the double feature of Lunch Ladies and A Very Important Film online at the Mockfest Film Festival from now until January 1, 2021!

*Ms. Weber was caught red-handed by Ms. Jacobson expressing to reporters how excited she actually was that Lunch Ladies won. Jacobson harshly reprimanded: "If I EVER catch you doing that again, you will never work on another Very Important Film again!"

Very Important Filmmakers Nomination Acceptance Speech

Mockfest Film Festival is a 12 year running comedy event, taking place in Hollywood, CA. They specialize in screening mockumentary films and celebrate the craft of comedy from all angles, from family friendly to dark and gritty and everything in-between. Mockfest's goal is to honor the legends who have crafted and molded the genre into what it has become today and showcase the amazing and unsung talent of tomorrow!

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