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Lunch Ladies Mockfest Nomination - A Very Important Filmmaker Responds To Shocking News - "WTF"


This is exactly what Clarissa Jacobson, auteur* of A Very Important Film (VIF) exclaimed after learning that Mockfest Film Festival nominated her former unimportant film Lunch Ladies for the Best Of Mockfest Award and NOT her Very Important Film.

The nomination created shockwaves around the filmic world.

According to affidavits filed in court by Jacobson, Mockfest programmed Lunch Ladies under duress, but like an abused and battered boyfriend they caved to demands to divorce themselves from A Very Important Film and make Lunch Ladies their main squeeze.

Said Ms. Jacobson: "WTF! It is absolutely appalling that my cinematic disaster, Lunch Ladies, would be nominated over my cinematic masterpiece: A Very Important Film. I have lost all faith in humanity. Oh, and F*ck you, Mockfest."

Joe Bratcher, Professor Emeritus UCFU Film Theory, mentor to Ms. Jacobson and supporting actor in A Very Important Film attempted to assuage her ire: "Clarissa, you must be grateful. The Mockfest Philistia remind us what it is to suffer. Amen."

Director of A Very Important Film, Shayna Weber concurred: "Indeed, we must accept our cross. Like our colleague Kathryn Bigelow, who shall never escape Point Break even after winning an Oscar for The Hurt Locker, we too shall never escape Lunch Ladies."

The Mockfest Film Festival will be online December 11, 2020.

Details posted HERE!

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*AUTEUR - an extremely important cinematic term granting full creation of a film to ONE person only - most often the director but in this case the self-important writer. Comparable to implying a baby is the product of only one sex.

VERY IMPORTANT FILMMAKERS respond to nomination below!

Mockfest Film Festival is a 12 year running comedy event, taking place in Hollywood, CA. They specialize in screening mockumentary films and celebrate the craft of comedy from all angles, from family friendly to dark and gritty and everything in-between. Mockfest's goal is to honor the legends who have crafted and molded the genre into what it has become today and showcase the amazing and unsung talent of tomorrow!

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