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The Surgeons Of Horror Gleefully Dissect The Lunch Ladies!

Lunch Ladies

Paul Farrell of Surgeons of Horror, the smart and insightful British podcast and reviewer of horror films old and new, decided to slap the Lunch Ladies on the operating table and see what was inside.

Getting to the guts of the film he said:

“Gloriously written by Clarissa Jacobson, who carves up a a delicious blend of macabre and humour, combined with director J.M. Logan’s eye for detail and Lunch Ladies stands tall amongst its counterparts as a result.”

Dr. Farrell dug a little deeper with his trusty scalpel which, BTW Seretta and LouAnne found strangely pleasurable, said:

"Our only regret is that there wasn’t a larger portion on offer as the characters and story could well amount to much more of time were given for them to breathe on screen."

Doctor's ORDERS! The feature needs to be made!

Read the full review HERE

Surgeons of Horror

After spending four years working on the Hammer Horror Podcast, the team decided to dust off the cobwebs of Britain’s finest Horror production company and open up the horror movie umbrella to dissect and discuss classic screen legends, movie franchises and films both old and new.

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