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BREAKING NEWS! Reviewer For Film Classics Virgin Propositions The Lunch Ladies

Film Classics Virgin

It's no secret that the Lunch Ladies are extremely sexy ladies. In fact, ever since they began washing their pits with Twisted Wonderland Perfumery's "Lunch is Served" Pie Soap" they can't keep the men at bay.

This week, however, things were taken up a notch.

Derek Smith, reviewer for Film Classics Virgin saw the film and loved it so much that he showed up at the Lunch Ladies doorstep with flowers; plying them with sweet nothings:

"Lunch Ladies is a fun 19 minutes that left my cheeks hurting from smiling and laughing the whole time. It was created as a proof of concept for a full feature length film, and it succeeds as I want to see our girls continue in their grisly work in order to become the celebrity chefs they aspire to be."

Reportedly, Smith then dropped to one knee and asked the Lunch Ladies if they had time for a quickie.

Seretta rolled her eyes and said: "Nice try. The only one getting in our bloomers is The Depper."

LouAnne on the other hand licked her lips and said: "I love a good time."

Seretta, in a not so rare moment of losing her temper, furiously screamed at her fraternal twin sister "Sinner! Do no not give into temptation! WWJD."

What Would Johnny Do?

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Derek Smith Film Classics Virgin

Derek Smith is a journalist who runs Film Classics Virgin. A site dedicated to covering classics that he's never seen as VIRGIN TERRITORY, ones he's seen once before but ages ago as SLOPPY SECONDS, as well as more modern films with PREMATURE EVALUATIONS. He has contributed film reviews to TheBloodSprayer, HorrorSexy, Icons of Fright, and The Scream Cast.

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Facebook: @filmclassicsvirgin

Twitter: @Darathus



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