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Lunch Ladies Smug After DecayMag Points Out Social Impact Of This Highly Important Piece of Cinema

Lunch Ladies


Finally the Lunch Ladies can rest knowing they've been acknowledged for the social impact they've gifted the world. This week DecayMag shined a spotlight on the bullying that occurred at Melvin High (photo above) which led to the Lunch Ladies' unfortunate Cheerleader... mishap.

Reviewer Stacy Cox, aka Professor Emeritus Cinema of DecayMag, said Lunch Ladies was "fresh and innovative" the story was "groundbreaking" and called it a "social commentary on bullying."

Sitting amongst other intellectuals at The Yale Club, wearing a houndstooth sweater and nursing a Scotch, Seretta cooed:

"Before Professor Cox, everyone thought Lunch Ladies was just a twisted, hysterical romp in the hay instead of seeing what an important piece of social commentary it is."

LouAnne, wearing knockoff Gucci loafers and smoking a pipe, seconded her: "I was going to slit my wrists and make blood stew if I heard one more person say how funny Lunch Ladies is. God Bless Professor Cox for acknowledging we have something important to say to the world."

DecayMag Lunch Ladies

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Stacy Cox is staff correspondent for DecayMag. Unconcerned about taboos and sensitivity, she is most interested in opening closed minds through her imagination.

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Pictured Above: Melvin High Queen Bully.



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