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Sandlot Director/Writer David Mickey Evans Says "Dude, This Was F**cking Good."

Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies are flying high on director/writer, David Mickey Evans review of the film where he not only said "Dude this was f*king good" but that he "laughed out loud like ten times!" Evans is known for his terrific coming of age film The Sandlot - which is a favorite of the ladies and comes in only second to Texas Chainsaw Massacre on their "best of" list.

Seretta said: "We have Sandlot on VHS along with Texas Chainsaw and watch it at least once a month. So, for Mr. Evans to love us... it just well, it means a lot. God bless you, Mr. Evans."

LouAnne said: "To have someone like Mr. Evans say we're "f**king good" is the f**king best thing ever. Next to being f**king Johnny Depp's personal chefs of course."

The Sandlot



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