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Nightmarish Conjuring's Kick A*s Review Keeps Lunch Ladies From Murdering Old Lady At Walmart

Black Friday Lunch Ladies

Black Friday weekend turned out wonderful for the Lunch Ladies but could have been a disaster had it not been for Nightmarish Conjuring's kick ass review written by Taylor Terrible:

"Lunch Ladies is one of the most bizarre, twisted, comedic shorts I think I've ever watched... it's gory and hilarious... a treat to watch... so disappointed that this was only 19 minutes long. I genuinely want to see this made into a feature film where Johnny Depp has a cameo."

These amazing words about Mr. Depp came at exactly the right moment:

Seretta recalls: "For the past 30 years we have had to watch The Depper on a black and white Sylvania shitbox with a bent clothes hanger superglued to the top. When we found out Walmart would be selling ONE state of the art Sony flatscreen for $17.99 we were first in line to get it - finally a TV we could afford on a Lunch Lady Salary!"

LouAnne continued: "Our dream was cut short when a spry 96 year old asshat cut in line and nabbed it from under our noses. Seretta grabbed a stun gun from aisle 11 and I got the rope, but we were stopped cold when our social media started blowing up. Taylor Terrible understood our plight and was telling the world she wanted to see us and The Depper in a movie together! Maybe he will read it! We were so verklempt we couldn't kill. That day anyway."

Read the incredible moving review HERE!

Taylor Terrible has been in love with all things dark and spooky since the age of 5, when she fell in love with Edward Scissorhands. After that, she started carrying Goosebump books to school, reading them every chance she got. That sparked her love for writing, which brought her where she is now. She has her own blog at Taylor's Terrible Toy Chest, writes for, and Nightmarish Conjurings.

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