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Lunch Ladies Hopeful They Will Not Make A*ses Of Themselves At The Pilas En Corto Festival In Spain

Pilas en Corto Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies stayed up all night partying and playing castanets when they got the news that they were an official selection of the international short film festival in Sevilla, Spain - Pilas En Corto.

Ahhhh Spain! Home to siestas, fine Cordoba Leather (not to be confused with Corinthian Leather) and our very own Antoni M. March who composed the brilliant score to the film.

However the selection does not come without risk.

When the Lunch Ladies were asked if they were concerned about going to Spain since their last trip to a Spanish speaking country was a disaster; Seretta had this to say:

"Sure. I feel terrible about the Mórbido Fest in Mexico City where I knocked over that Day of the Dead float, sent terrified participants running for cover and wounded a Chihuahua. But, that was then. This is now. I assure you this time I am taking every precaution to not be an asshole. Starting with having only one pitcher of sangria a day."

LouAnne seconded these sentiments: "We are extremely hopeful we won't make asses of ourselves and we already have a head start because Clarissa Jacobson, the writer/producer of the film, can't make it to the fest. If you remember, she traveled 1,850 to see us in Mexico and failed miserably. Thank Satan she's not going."

The Lunch Ladies play in Pilas, Sevilla Spain on December, 2 at 10PM.

Pilas En Corto Festival Lunch Ladies

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Pilas En Corto Festival Lunch Ladies



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