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The Lunch Ladies Henna Their Entire Bodies In Preparation For The Mumbai Shorts International Fest

Mumbai Shorts International Fest Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies are bonkers for Bollywood and immediately started preparations for head to toe henna when they received the news that they were an official selection of the 6th Annual Mumbai Shorts International Film Fest.

Seretta said: "It's a dream come true - but frankly we're concerned that we'll stick out like ugly Americans. Therefore, every spot of our bodies will be covered in henna to make sure we fit in."

LouAnne agreed: "To be safe, we've also invested in polyester red saris and we'll be practicing yoga. Yoga is a win/win. After that cheerleader... mishap our nerves have been fried."

The Lunch Ladies will get their henna done by Beauty Marks and will screen on December 10, 2017 in flipping Mumbai!

Follow the Mumbai Shorts International Film Fest at:


Facebook: @miniboxofficefilmfestivals

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Beauty Marks Henna

Follow Erynne of Beauty Marks to look as good as the Lunch Ladies.


Instagram: @beautymarkshenna

*Haters say Lunch Ladies only got into the Mumbai fest because of the jacked lunchroom dance sequence which combines a bizarre mosh up done by choreographers Joe Bratcher (tap dance), Monika Felice Smith (hip hop) and Rebecca Ruschell (ballet). Sure, the Indians love dance and liked that scene, but everyone knows the ladies got in because they're Bollywood Babes.



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