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EXCLUSIVE! Lunch Ladies Guilt Touching Xmas Film - She Was So Pretty - Into Screening With Them

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

The Lunch Ladies are riding high on guilting heartwarming Christmas Horror - She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake and warm, fuzzy, serial killer short - Compulsion into screening with them.

In this exclusive interview, Seretta and LouAnne describe in chilling detail how they pulled off this amazing coup:

Seretta: "We saw She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake at Nightmares Film Fest in Ohio last month. They were part of the in-crowd. Ugh. However, unlike the other popular kids there, they seemed easy to manipulate. Especially Alfie, the lead psycho guy in their film who doesn't know wtf is up. That's when we hatched our plan to guilt the "f" out of them."

LouAnne nodded: "First, we crank called them every night so they got no sleep and couldn't think straight. Then we played on their heartstrings by telling them how our mother weaned us on Clamato and King Cobra. Then we hit 'em where it counts by sobbing that we had contracted Pellagra*. By the time we were done, Alfie, that sad sap psycho was in tears. And Brooklyn, the director? She was putty in our hands. She has a soft heart anyhow. SUCKERS!"

See the Lunch Ladies screen with She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake along with Compulsion on December 29 for:

***DINNER AND A MOVIE*** Location: Undo's On The Pike in Marietta, Ohio Tickets will be available at the door for $5. (price does not include dinner or drinks) 6pm- Doors Open for Dinner and Movie Trailers 7pm- Lunch Ladies Short Film 7:30pm- Compulsion Short Film 8pm- She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake 9:20pm- Q&A with Cast and Crew

*Pellagra is a deficiency disease characterized by dermatitis, diarrhea, and mental disturbance; but is actually very hip.

She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake by Dirt Candy Productions is the sequel to She Was So Pretty and is a Horror Christmas story about a creep named Alfie and his misunderstood love.

Follow She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake at:

Website: www.shewassopretty.com

Facebook: @begoodforgoodnesssake

Instagram: @alfredjamesellis

Twitter: @shewassopretty


Compulsion by Brian Sepanzyk and Nick Yacyshyn is about a serial killer and his demons: To give in, the blood must flow.

Follow Compulsion at:

Facebook: @compulsionhorror Vimeo: @briantologist Trailer

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