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Lunch Ladies Audition As Back Up Singers For Terror Records - Unfortunately "Tone Deaf AF"

Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies are nursing wounds from their most recent shut down in the entertainment industry.

Hoping to capitalize on their new found fame on the film fest circuit and seeking world domination, it was only natural that the Lunch Ladies next move would be a foray into the music industry; much like Johnny Depp and The Hollywood Vampires.

After months of desperation follows on Twitter the Lunch Ladies finally hit pay dirt meeting Tra Cee the multi-talented singer, COO of Terror Records and owner of SCRM Radio - purveyor of all things horror related. They convinced her to let them audition for the label but things did not go as planned.

Unfortunately, Tra Cee had to deliver the news that they are "Tone deaf AF."

Said Seretta: "Sure, it sucks that we're tone deaf AF but I really appreciate the brutal honesty Tra Cee dealt us. May Satan be with her."

LouAnne nodded "I always knew we were tone deaf AF and honestly, it's a relief to hear a professional musician say it out loud. Thanks Tra Cee."

FUN FACT: Seretta sings acapella in the film during one of the most "heartfelt" bloody scenes.

Tra Cee was born in Chicago and now lives in Indiana. She's been singing since she can walk and won her first talent show at the age of six - the Lunch Ladies favorite song of hers is the aptly named FAVORITE SONG:

Tra Cee SCRM Radio

Follow Tra Cee here:

Website: Facebook: @tzlewis

Instagram: tra_ceetr

Twitter: @TraCee_tr

Tra Cee is also the owner of SCRM Radio - a new kind of radio station featuring 24/7/365 horror themed programming so you don't have to wait all flipping year for your Halloween fix.

Follow SCRM Radio at:


Twitter: @SCRMRadio



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