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Lunch Ladies Robocall Australia's Flickerfest - "Screen Us Or Else"

Flickerfest Film Festival

Reports have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies robocalled Australia's prestigious Flickerfest 24/7 before being selected to screen. Organizers say they received the following disturbing message for months on end before finally caving and programming the film:

"Hello. This is the Lunch Ladies running for Flickerfest. Yesterday our opponents came out with a desperate attack saying we smuggled a kangaroo into our last Aussie screening at A Night Of Horror - just because we thought it was cute. FALSE! While we have taken the high road during the campaign, our opponents have tried to drag this contest into the gutter. Flickerfest deserves a candidate who stands for... decency and truth. Again, these are the Lunch Ladies thanking you for your support and reminding you to SCREEN US OR ELSE."

After an initial "no comment," the Lunch Ladies have gone on record saying:

"We defend our right to robocall and protect ourselves against the vicious and blatantly false kangaroo accusations* initiated by jealous and deceitful opponents of the Lunch Ladies. We thank Flickerfest for electing a candidate sure to please its constituency."

*Sources have confirmed a kangaroo has been hanging out in the Boy's Locker Room at Melvin High. Teens say it's trying to kick smoking and has taken up vaping.

Flickerfest will screen Lunch Ladies in the Short Laughs Comedy 2 Programme on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 8:45PM at Bondi Pavillon in Sydney, Australia.

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