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JUST IN! Lunch Ladies Take Hip Hop From Film's Choreographer Monika Smith In Effort To Be "Fly"

Monika Felice Smith

With the holidays and several film fests looming - Famous Monsters Silver Scream, Flickerfest, the à la carte section of Clermont-Ferrand and Austin Revolution not to mention the special screening with She Was So Pretty and Compulsion - the Lunch Ladies have enrolled in dancer/choreographer Monika Felice Smith's hip hop classes in an effort to up their cool quotient.

Seretta, adjusting pink fuzzy legwarmers above swollen knees, said:

"Now that the holidays are upon us and we've been part of the festival scene for a few months, it's becoming painfully apparent that normal people and filmmakers don't think we are fly. We're hoping that learning hip hop will give us the edge we need. Word."

LouAnne, pulling a black leotard out of her butt, agreed:

"It really sucks to walk into a holiday party or the filmmaker's lounge and have everyone move to the other side of the room. Once we learn hip hop and become fly, nothing can stop us. Excuse me while I stretch, bitch."

Check out the ANNOUNCEMENTS to get all the details on upcoming fests and enjoy the video that Monika choreographed and starred in which made the Lunch Ladies hope and dream they could be as fly as she:

Monika is to be congratulated for the f**cked hip hop portion in the film's High School Musical on crack scene where tap dancing (choreographed by Joe Bratcher) and ballet (choreographed by Rebecca Ruschell) meet delinquentz and drive the Lunch Ladies loco.

Follow Monika at:


Facebook: @monikafelicesmith

Instagram: @monikafelicesmith

YouTube: @monikasmith91



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