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Lunch Ladies Play "Poor Me Card" - Guilt Horror Habit Into Penning An Amazing Review

Horror Habit

Authorities for the dark web have confirmed that Seretta and LouAnne played the "Poor Me Card" to guilt Jolie Bergman, reviewer for Horror Habit into giving them two thumbs up:

"Lunch Ladies has absolutely stellar acting, directing, editing, writing, and effects... a simply delicious and satisfying gut bomb of laughter."

Read the full review HERE

When asked by TMZ how they masterminded the manipulation, The Lunch Ladies, smashing walnuts with a Johnny Depp Nutcracker they commissioned on Etsy, had this to say:

Seretta: "It was so easy! We cut up onions and punched each other in the face to make it look like we were crying. Then we showed up at her door and sobbed "Poor Us! Nobody likes us just because we offed a cheerleader. If only we could get a good review."

LouAnne, drying her eyes from laughing so hard said: "She's such a softie! I said it like twenty times "Poor us. Poor us. Poor us. Poor us. Poor us... " Like shooting fish in a barrel. SUCKER!"

Horror Habit

Jolie Bergman is the founder and mastermind behind Horror Habit - a blog dedicated to horror movies. In addition she has a day job for the US federal government, is an artist and teacher, author, history buff, burlesque fan, ghost lover, manager of the HorrorHabit Roku channel, maker of lists, kicker of asses and taker of names. To put it bluntly, she's pretty rockin'.

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