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Oklahoma! Oh What A Beautiful Feeling Everything's Goin' The Lunch Ladies Way


Oh what a beautiful feeling to be part of The Tulsa American Film Fest!

Tulsa is super sweet because Lunch Ladies has two crew members who are from there: Kent Rodricks who plays one of our obnoxious teachers (someone please take the megaphone away from him) and Joe Bratcher our amazing Choreographer/Producer and screenwriting mentor to myself, producers Shayna Weber and Jessica Janos as well as Kent.

The Lunch Ladies will be screening at Tulsa's historic 1928 Circle Cinema Theatre.

In a weird stroke of life imitating art, Bratcher used to go to the Circle Cinema every Saturday as a kid - now, years later he will see his own name on that same screen. Bratcher's mother, like most in town, would drop their kids off to have some flipping peace for the day.

It was here he'd watch the triple feature, sitting for hours on end, his ass turning to granite. It was here, unknown to his parents, he watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers at the age of 10 and couldn't sleep for weeks. It was here he developed his appreciation for cinema and went on to become a tap dancer on Broadway, a successful actor in TV, Film and Commercials, a produced screenwriter - and when he got sick of the lights, the owner of Twin Bridges writing salon (the longest running screenwriting program in Los Angeles).

The Lunch Ladies are honored to be opening the fest on October 11 at 7:45PM with seven other super sweet short films:

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