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It's Time For... Twisted Lunch Ladies Fan Art!

Lunch Ladies

Meet artist cutie pie Hallie Brown who surprised the Lunch Ladies by capturing them at their finest. We asked Hallie a few questions because hey, anyone who would use the Lunch Ladies as subject matter is exactly the type of twisted, disturbed, awesome fan we love!

How did you get into drawing?

"Why I started is terrible... when I was 13, I saw someone on Instagram praising their child for being an amazing artist - I thought, I can be way better than that! I actually ended up really loving drawing and was good at it, so I never stopped. BTW, that person I was trying to one up? Still a way better artist than me."

Hallie. Has this person drawn the Lunch Ladies? NO. Therefore there is no way in hell he/she's better. But we digress. The Lunch Ladies are very flattered by your rendering - NO ONE has ever considered them model material. Please tell us what drew you to the Lunch Ladies.

"What DREW me to the Lunch Ladies? (that's a great pun). Honestly, I had no clue about the film until the Lunch Ladies Instagram followed me. I looked at their photos and thought "wow what an awesome idea!" I love quirky comedies and am practically a Lunch Lady myself (even though I've yet to kill a cheerleader. But it's coming). I just really related to these kickass chefs and their mishaps.

What are your goals now that you've already done the best work of your life and can never top it?

"I want to be a comic artist. I am so grateful the Lunch Ladies want to share my artwork with the world and so glad you guys love it... who knows maybe even The Depper himself will see both our work... Johnny for life!"

Follow Hallie at:

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