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Headbanger & Horror Aficionado Loves Lunch Ladies So Much He Invites Them To Rock Out At Slayer

Saul Ramos, self-proclaimed movie critic, all around badass and metalhead watches every flipping horror movie that comes down the pike; which means he knows wtf is up when it comes to bloodshed and mayhem. He's the dude you go to for a thumbs up recommendation and you better take his advice, because let's face it, he's a big guy and doesn't have time for B.S. Recently Ramos had a chance to see the Lunch Ladies and had this to say:

"This is one of the best indie films ever! In the total 18:51 minutes, this film made me laugh... made me rock out... and made me wanting more of it! I've gained a whole new respect for indie films... pop horror films... whatever u guys wanna call it.... I enjoyed it truly! Nice job Lunch Ladies!"

After this amazing review he then went one step further:

He invited the Lunch Ladies to be his personal guests at the next Slayer Concert.

Seretta said: "It's no secret that we're Johnny Depp Hollywood Vampires fans but Slayer is a close second. If he's down to pay for our tickets we're there."

LouAnne said "Personally, I prefer Nightwish next to the Depper but Slayer is a close third. Rock on."

Saul Ramos Lunch Ladies

Saul Ramos is an animal lover, lover of Chinese food, lover of tacos, loves to BBQ, loves the beach and of course LOVES horror movies. He's a lover not a fighter. His mom got him into horror at the tender age of 7 and his love for the genre was solidified when his stepdad passed away. The only thing that made him feel better was when his neighbor put on a horror movie. Horror movies are magical! Ramos works for the City of LA Dept. of Sanitation and he totally digs Slayer, but his favorite band is... NIGHTWISH!

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