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Lunch Ladies Pull False Alarm Send Panic Fest Into Panic - "We Didn't Mean To Program Them"

Panic Fest

Reports have confirmed that The Lunch Ladies snuck into Panic Film Fest headquarters and pulled the false alarm without even a whiff of smoke in order to send them into a panic. Said fest coordinators "We didn't mean to program them but we panicked."

A smug and gleeful Seretta said: "We knew with a name like Panic Fest they would be easy pickings. Scaring the hell out of those programmers with a false alarm when they least expected it confused them enough to make us an official selection. Score."

LouAnne, hanging up her fake fire monitor orange vest, said: "We've been pulling false alarms for years - an oldie but a goodie - it never lets you down. Sorry to laugh, but thanks Panic Fest for panicking so much you programmed the Lunch Ladies!"

*The Missouri Fire Department is pressing charges for the fake pull but the Lunch Ladies are unconcerned and said "Whatever. We live in Los Angeles with all the other psychos so good luck getting us to show up in court after the fest."

Lunch Ladies plays Saturday, January 27 at 11AM in The Short Film Showcase Block One

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Panic Fest

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