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Lunch Ladies Shocked - Selection Of Santa Barbara International - "We Got In Without Lying!"

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

The Lunch Ladies are shocked.

Reports are confirmed that the Lunch Ladies got into the 33rd Annual Santa Barbara International Fest completely fair and square "without lying, cheating, or stealing."

A first for the women.

Said a bewildered Seretta: "At first we thought we were being gaslighted. Whoever heard of a fest accepting us on our own merits? But, when we got the official welcome letter, a personal email and even filmmaker passes, we had to believe they were serious. Go figure."

Said an equally bewildered LouAnne: "Obviously there are some really twisted programmers over there with an extremely rebellious and unsavory side. The fact that they chose us when we didn't even send a cloaked murder threat or a bloody arm in the mail speaks volumes."

Does this mean the Lunch Ladies will be turning over a new leaf for 2018?

"Highly doubtful. Crime pays!"

Lunch Ladies plays February 8 at 5:40PM and February 9 at 2:40PM in Metro 3.

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

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