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Lunch Ladies Kidnap & Brainwash Horror Society Reviewer: "You Love Us, You Love Us, You Love Us..."

In an unprecedented show of unsavory and unethical behavior, the Lunch Ladies successfully brainwashed Mac Brewer from HORROR SOCIETY into giving them a great review:

"Lunch Ladies is a mother fucking masterpiece. This being a short is a crime against humanity and a feature needs to be made. This short is fucking perfect and the world needs more."

See the full review HERE!

Apparently the ladies picked up their brainwashing techniques at a recent Ted Talk, then kidnapped an unsuspecting Brewer at a local 7/11 where he was buying beef jerky.

Said Seretta: "It was super easy. LouAnne flirted with the cashier by showing some skin while I gave Brewer a sniff of chloroform and a blanket party. Minutes later we had loaded him into the trunk of our Buick Le Sabre. From there, we took him to our padded holding cell."

LouAnne nodded: "When he finally came to, he was completely disoriented and that's when we hit him with a 24-hour recording to reform his thoughts about us. By the next morning, his head was lolling, his eyes were glassed over and he blurted out "I love you guys!"

*Brainwashing (aka mind control, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, thought reform, or effing with someone's head) refers to a process in which Lunch Ladies "systematically use unethical manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to their wishes." Awesome!

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