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Lunch Ladies Threaten Gore Maestro Matt Falletta "You Will Attend Nevermore Film Festival Or Else"

Lunch Ladies

In typical Hollywood backstabbing behavior, The Lunch Ladies have threatened their very own Matt Falletta - SFX Supervisor and Exec. Producer of the Lunch Ladies film - "You will attend Nevermore Film Festival and hawk our wares or else."

Apparently, Falletta originally hails from Durham, North Carolina, home to the horror fest, and knows a lot of folks back there. But most importantly, unlike the Lunch Ladies, people like him. Seeing an opportunity for some positive publicity vs. the dark cloud that follows them everywhere, the Lunch Ladies made sure he would attend:

Seretta, polishing her brass knuckles, said: "Matt spent sleepless hours prepping the film, had to clean up a lot of blood and really captured the essence of dead cheerleader. But so what. He WILL get his ass down to the fest and hawk our wares to all his friends or else. Thanks, Matt!"

LouAnne, oiling a baseball bat that she lovingly engraved with the words "This Is For You Falletta" agreed: "Obviously we knew he was far too busy with his own business - SOTA F/X - to go down to Nevermore without some coercion. He needed a vacation anyhow. Thanks Matt!"

Lunch Ladies plays at Nevermore Film Festival on February 24 at 5:10pm and February 25 at 2pm in the "They're Coming To Get You Barbara" North American Shorts Section.

Meet Matt and buy your tickets HERE!

To the left, Matt lovingly preps the Lunch Ladies set.

Matt Falletta is the Executive Producer and SFX Supervisor on Lunch Ladies. He is the co-owner of SOTA F/X which has been in business for well over 20 years and he most recently completed work on the movie Death House and Kidnap (which our director JM Logan was a producer and post-production supervisor on also - hopefully the Lunch Ladies will have an opportunity to threaten Logan in the near future as well).

Nevermore Film Fest

The Nevermore Film Fest is in its 19th year and was recently named one of the top one-hundred Horror & Fantasy film festivals in the world.

Follow Nevermore at:


Facebook: @NevermoreFilmFestival


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