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Lunch Ladies Use Blarney, A Shillelagh & A Potato Gun To Coerce Irish Blogger Into A Great Review

Potato Gun

In another fecking form of manipulation, the Lunch Ladies have used blarney, a sharpened shillelagh and a potato gun in order to coerce writer, Noelle Kelly from the *Banshee Irish Horror Blog, into giving them great review: “I like my humor black and this is pitch-black! Lunch Ladies is fecking brilliant! My only negative?? I want it to be longer and I want it to come to Ireland!” Read the full story HERE Said Seretta, using the sharpened point of her shillelagh to pick up trash in their living room: “It was easy. All we did was tell Noelle: “A pot of gold awaits ye if ye give us a fecking amazing review.” When she said that was blarney I mentioned my deadly shillelagh and she became a believer.” LouAnne, oiling an antique potato gun passed down from their Uncle Sweeney McTodd, concurred: “It’s not always easy to use blarney on another Irish person since they use a lot of blarney themselves, but when you couple it with a sharp shillelagh and a deadly potato gun, it’s golden.” *A Banshee is a female spirit whose wailing warns of an impending death in a house. Little known fact: The Lunch Ladies were banshees in a past life. Noelle Kelly is a binge reader of books, addicted to horror movies, a blogger, a writer, SFX makeup student and the founder of the Banshee Irish Horror Blog.

Follow her at: Website: Instagram: @corpsebridebansheehorror Twitter: @noelle_kelly



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