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The President Of Mexico Pardons The Lunch Ladies - Allows Them Back Into The Country For KINÉ Fest

Kine Muestra de Cortometrajes

The Lunch Ladies are thrilled to be heading back to Mexico for the KINÉ, Muestra de Cortometrajes Film Fest after President Enrique Peña Nieto, allowed them back into the country.

In October, the Ladies were an official selection of Mórbido Fest in Mexico City but blew it after drinking too much Mezcal, knocking over a giant armadillo float during a Day of the Dead Parade, wounding a chihuahua and causing horrified participants to scream for cover.

A Lunch Ladies ban was issued and met with unanimous approval by important Mexicans:

"Never come back again, Lunch Ladies (horribles señoras del almuerzo)."

Barely six months later, they were officially selected by KINÉ, Muestra de Cortometrajes. In an unprecedented turn of events, Enrique Peña Nieto ignored widespread protest and opened the borders to the Ladies. Apparently, unknown to all, he is a huge fan.

Said Seretta, grooming her eyebrows like Frida Kahlo in honor of the fest, said: "We couldn't be more thankful to The Rickster and promise not to embarrass him after he put himself on the line. No Mezcal. Is Tequila off limits?"

LouAnne, modeling sombreros and practicing her Samba, answered: "Yes, Seretta. Tequila is off limits. However, cerveza is always on the table. Thanks for the selection KINÉ, Muestra de Cortometrajes - party on!!"

KINÉ, Muestra de Cortometrajes is a noncompetitive fest that aims to celebrate the beauty of short film embracing even the hideous Lunch Ladies. It runs May 17-20 in Puebla, Mexico. Ticket details to follow!

Kine Muestra de Cortometrajes

Find KINÉ, Muestra de Cortometrajes at

Twitter: @Kine_shortfilms Facebook: @Kine.Muestra

El cine transmite ideas, sentimientos y emociones, KINÉ cree que los cortometrajes no se hacen para ganar premios o reconocimiento, los cortos se hacen para contar historias extraordinarias que vivimos día a día, incluso, tú en este momento puedes ser parte de una.

The cinema transmits ideas, feelings and emotions, KINÉ believes that short films are not made to win prizes or recognition, the shorts are made to tell extraordinary stories that we live every day, even, you can be part of one at this moment.*

*Disclaimer: The Lunch Ladies used Google Translate.



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