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Lunch Ladies Go To Hungary's Friss Hús Fest - Plan To Deface Graves Of Producer Weber's Relatives

Friss Hús International Short film Festival

The Lunch Ladies are celebrating with Bull's Blood after they got the news that they will be screening at the 6th Annual Friss Hús International Short Film Fest in the Midnight/Horror Section. One would think the story would end there. Not with the Lunch Ladies.

Shocking reports from the dark web have confirmed that the insensitive sisters are planning to deface producer Shayna Weber's ancestor's graves with Lunch Ladies swag.

Weber, whose family hails from Hungary, is not happy but Seretta and LouAnne could care less:

Seretta, hiding hundreds of Lunch Ladies stickers in her ratty suitcase, said: "It's just good marketing. Decorating the Weber graves for the Midnight/Horror section is super clever and will get us a lot of publicity - Weber needs to suck it up."

LouAnne, turning red from blowing up balloons that say "LUNCH LADIES DO FRISS HÚS," agreed: "Weber's ancestors are dead and won't care anyhow. Besides Lunch Ladies swag will make those crumbly ancient headstones look a hundred times better."

When asked for comment, Ms. Weber dried her eyes and said "My grandfather, John Weber fought in WW1 for the Kaiser and there's a whole cemetary filled with Webers in Hungary. I'm so upset."

The 6th edition of Friss Hús runs from April 3-8 and is the Lunch Ladies Hungarian premiere. Details coming! FUN FACT! "Friss Hús" means "Fresh Meat" in Hungarian. Dead serious.

Fun Fact: The Budapest Art Orchestra played Lunch Ladies' Composer Antoni M. March's Incredible Score. It was recorded by East Connection Music.

Check out a taste of it below.

Friss Hús International Shortfilm Festival

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