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Lunch Ladies Official Selection of Kyiv Fest - Head to Ukraine With Special Gift Of Chicken Kiev

Kyiv International Short Film Fest

The Lunch Ladies are ecstatic to be heading to the Ukraine for the 7th Annual Kyiv International Short Film Fest and have warned, er... informed programmers they will be bearing a special "gift" of Chicken Kiev (котлета по-київськиto) to show their immense appreciation for the official selection.

According to intensive research done by the dark web, the famous savory dish originated in the Ukraine or France (debate wages) and the Lunch Ladies have perfected a bastardized, er... Lunch Lady version of what they claim will "knock the socks off those crazy Ukranians."

Said Seretta, her apron splattered with blood, er... chicken juices: "We're so thrilled for them to try this. The stuffing will be a mixture of delicious minced meat and LOTS of cream."

LouAnne, mincing up the chives, thyme and "other" ingredients, nodded: "We really wanted to do something special for them and it will be our pleasure to hand deliver our signature Kiev dish to Kyiv. Thanks Kyiv Short Film Fest for the selection!"

The 7th Annual Kyiv Internationl Short Film Fest runs April 25-29. Details to follow!

The Kyiv Fest screens 250 short films over five days. This year, besides regular competition and out-of-competition programs, they will have dozens of curator's selections, showcases of leading film schools and film festivals, a Ukrainian retrospective program, children's program, World cinema heritage program, experimental and radical films program and more.

Kyiv International Short Film Fest

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