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Lunch Ladies Harass Glasgow Horror Fest Into A Screening By Murdering AC/DC Tune On Bagpipes

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have succeeded in becoming an official selection of the Glasgow Horror Festival by murdering an AC/DC tune on bagpipes.

Back in January, the Lunch Ladies forced the hand of the Scottish website - Popcorn Horror - to give them a great review by threatening to show them what's under their kilts. Unfortunately, the harassment didn't stop there.

After learning the site sponsored the Glasgow Horror Fest, the ladies picked up some old bagpipes at a crappy pawn shop in the hood, recorded a horrendous version of AC/DC's It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N'Roll) and proceeded to infiltrate Popcorn Horror's HQ with the bastardized rendition until they agreed to make them a selection.

Said Seretta, chucking the forlorn bagpipes on a heap of Arby's wrappers in the back of their Buick Le Sabre: "First we considered murdering Danny Boy because it's often played at funerals and thought that would be ironic but then we decided desecrating AC/DC would be more subversive."

LouAnne, banging her head to AC/DC's T.N.T. (the album which boasts the song), added: "It was a no brainer. Everyone knows it's a long way to the top for us and all we wanna do is rock n' roll. Thanks Glasgow Horror Fest!"

Lunch Ladies plays in the Breakout Shorts Section of the Glasgow Horror Festival on April 1 at 7:20pm. Buy Tickets HERE!

Glasgow Horror Festival is sponsored by Popcorn Horror. Popcorn Horror is a horror website, channel and news feed and is currently the largest horror company in Scotland. They are a proud member of the genre content network ‘CryptTV’ – founded by director Eli Roth.

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