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Lunch Ladies Off To Seattle's BoneBat "Comedy Of Horrors" Fest - Will Drink Coffee & Wear Hoodies

Reports from the dark web have confirmed that the chronically unhip Lunch Ladies are an official selection of the BoneBat "Comedy Of Horrors" Film Fest where they hope to fit in with the chronically hip Seattle scene by sporting black hoodies and drinking organic coffee.

Said Seretta, rifling through student's lockers after-hours in hopes to steal the perfect hoodie: "Seattle coolness is legendary and we're not going to blow it by being unprepared. As for the coffee, we never drink that organic swill so satan help us. You findin' anything, Lou?"

LouAnne, slamming the door of some sucker's locker, squealed: "Bingo! TWO black hoodies with just the right amount of holes and a threadbare cool quotient that scream Seattle. As for the coffee, don't worry, Rett, we'll bring some Colt 45 chasers. Thanks BoneBat for making us hip!"

The Lunch Ladies play at the BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest on Saturday, April 14 which runs from 1pm to Midnight at SIFF Cinema Uptown in Seattle, Washington.

The BoneBat "Comedy Of Horrors" Film Fest is an annual evening of giggles & gore, hosted by Steve and Gord of The BoneBat Show. It's fully funded by KickStarter supporters and is in its seventh year.

More details on exact showtimes to follow!

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BoneBat Comedy Of Horrors Fest

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