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Lunch Ladies Head To Motor City Nightmares Fest With Plans To Raise The Ghost Of Jim Morrison

Motor City Nightmares

The Lunch Ladies are partying hard after learning they're an official selection of the Motor City Nightmares Horror Expo and Film Festival. There they plan to break on through to the other side and raise the ghost of Jim Morrison in hopes they can "set the night on fire."

Apparently, back in 1970, The ultra cool Doors did one of their most famous concerts in Motor City and the Lunch Ladies who have never been cool are hoping to get Jim to help them.

Said Seretta, modeling some bell bottoms she picked up at the local Goodwill that she plans to wear at the expo: "Motor City Nightmares Fest rocks and we're not wasting our opportunity to impress the horror fans there. Getting Morrison on our side is our only hope."

LouAnne, giving the peace sign and listening to some vinyl because MP3s are so not cool: "At first we didn't want to dabble in necromancy. But then we decided, the time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire, Motor City Nightmares - we couldn't get much higher. Thanks for the selection!"

The Motor City Nightmares Horror Expo and Film Fest runs April 27-29. Details on when you can hop aboard the Lunch Ladies crystal ship are coming soon!

Motor City Nightmares Film Festival

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