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Lunch Ladies Win At Glasgow Horror Fest After Bravely Eating Haggis And Liking It

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have been awarded Honorable Mention in Glasgow Horror Fest's Breakout Shorts Section after bravely eating haggis* and liking it.

The screening took place at Blackfriars Bar which has a ton of pub fare but no haggis. Said Popcorn Horror who runs the fest: “We had hoped the Lunch Ladies wouldn’t show up. When we found out they were coming, we quickly located some old haggis and foisted it on them."

What happened next was startling.

The Ladies went nuts for haggis.

Seretta, who is making haggis her go to Sunday night dinner, explained: "They thought they could scare us away by making us eat haggis. Little did they know “Hag” I mean “haggis” is our middle name. After that, the fest knew they not only had to screen the film, but give us a prize.”

LouAnne nodded as she deftly pulled barbed wire through her chompers to remove pieces of haggis still lodged in them: “Not only did we eat it, we loved it. Everyone was blown away; not by the film, but by us eating haggis. Thanks for the award Glasgow Horror Fest!”

Lunch Ladies screened at the fest on Sunday, April 1 and are thrilled to be taking home the Honorable Mention Prize for their UK Premiere. The winner of the section was Another Game, by Stuart Ashen. Sources say Ashen ate twice as much haggis as the Lunch Ladies did.

*Haggis is the national dish of Scotland. It contains sheep pluck and a bunch of other suspect things stuffed into an animal's stomach. Perfect fare for the Lunch Ladies.

Glasgow Horror Festival is sponsored by Popcorn Horror. Popcorn Horror is a horror website, channel and news feed and is currently the largest horror company in Scotland. They are a proud member of the genre content network ‘CryptTV’ – founded by director Eli Roth.

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