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Lunch Ladies Resurrect Gods Of Terror And Fear Forcing Greece's Horrorant Film Fest To Program Them

In a shocking turn of events, the Lunch Ladies have succeeded in becoming the only USA short film out of thirty-seven to screen at the FRIGHT NIGHTS Horrorant Film Fest in Athens, Greece. Sources say they've done it with the help of Deimos and Phobos, Gods of Terror & Fear.

Seretta, burping from chugging a full bottle of Ouzo, said: "After centuries of dealing with tragedy, twisted dealings, horror and revenge, the Greeks want nothing to do with people like us. That's why we had to resurrect Deimos and Phobos to put some pressure on those programmers to let us into the fest."

LouAnne, modeling a toga she made from a blood-stained sheet she found in the back of their Buick Le Sabre, expounded: "Resurrecting evil Greek gods is not a card we usually like to play but in this situation it was a natural choice. A little bit of terror and fear administered by professionals goes a long way. Thanks FRIGHT NIGHTS Horrorant Film Fest for the selection!"

The Horrorant Film Festival ‘FRIGHT NIGHTS’ is an international horror film festival organised by a genre film distributor and held annually at the best equipped theatres in the heart of Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece. This is their fifth year and the fest runs May 3-9.

Details to follow on when the Lunch Ladies screen!

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