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Lunch Ladies Off To Bentonville Fest - Will O.D. On Cola, Shop Walmart & Girl Crush On Geena Davis

Bentonville Film Festival

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies are heading to Arkansas for the Bentonville Film Fest where they will O.D. on Coca-Cola, shop at Walmart and girl crush on Geena Davis.

Apparently, the six day fest was co-founded by academy winner Geena Davis of Thelma & Louise fame and is sponsored by Coca-Cola and Walmart. The ladies cannot believe they'll be enjoying three of their favorite things all at once and are prepping night and day for the trip.

Seretta, pulling out two large crappy suitcases from their rat-infested attic, said: "First, we're packing light to make room for all the stuff we'll bring back from Walmart. Second we're doing a juice cleanse so we can O.D. on Cokes when we get there. Third and most important, we're practicing our favorite lines from Thelma & Louise to impress Geena. Show 'em Lou."

LouAnne: "LOUISE! Drive! Drive the car! Come on. Go!"

Seretta: "Perfect. Gina is gonna love us. Oh, and Lou, we don't need to pack the hacksaw, they'll have 'em at Walmart. Thanks Bentonville for the selection!"

The Bentonville Film Fest runs from May 1-6.

Details on when Lunch Ladies screens coming soon!

BFF is a one of a kind annual event that champions inclusion in all forms of media. It's a year-long platform culminating with an annual six-day festival, in partnership with founding sponsor Walmart and presenting sponsor Coca-Cola.

Bentonville Film Festival

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