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Lunch Ladies To Screen At Space Jam Multimedia Fest After Cutting A Deal With Satan

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies will be screening at the inaugural Space Jam Multimedia Fest with a bevy of awesome short films after having cut a deal with Satan.

Apparently the program was curated by Brooklyn Ewing who is the twisted and awesome brain behind the She Was So Pretty franchise. Several months ago, the Ladies double-crossed Ewing along with her partner Jerry Larew. That's where the Dark Lord comes in.

Said Seretta, hair slightly tinged from the fires of hell she encountered after meeting "S" as she now calls him: "We knew there was no chance in heaven Brooklyn would take us after what we pulled last time. We simply had to turn to hell. One fireside chat later we got the call to play Space Jam from Brooklyn herself! Now, that's service! I can't recommend "S" enough."

LouAnne, staring deep into the mirror in an attempt to see if she looked any thinner after dumping her soul, added: "At first Satan wasn't that impressed with us because a Lunch Lady soul has little market value in hell. However, once we mentioned that a slot at Space Jam would be "One Small Step For Lunch Ladies One Giant Fall For Mankind," he was down. Thanks Space Jam and Brooklyn for programming us and a very special thanks to Satan!"

Space Jam Multimedia Fest

The Lunch Ladies play at Space Jam Multimedia Fest on Friday, June 29 starting at 5pm.

The following kickass shorts will be screening with the soulless Ladies:

Space Jam Multimedia Fest

Bride Of Frankie

Doll Evie's Christmas Gift

Fragile Storm

The Babysitter Murders



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