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Lunch Ladies "Seduce" Neon Bloodbath Into An Interview By Getting Naked And Taking Over His Tub

Neon Bloodbath

Spies from the dark web have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have "seduced" the blogger "Bury The Beloved" from the website Neon Bloodbath into an interview after getting naked, taking over his tub and whispering: "Come on in, the water is fine."

Read the interview HERE!

Apparently, Neon Bloodbath, just like anyone else in their right mind, wanted nothing to do with the Lunch Ladies, but as usual the Lunch Ladies who are attention whores, wanted everything to do with anyone who can give them some free promo.

Said Seretta, lathering lotion on her rough and scaly arms after sitting in the tub too long: "We showed up at his door in our bathrobes, barged in, and set up camp. He knew there wasn't a snowball's chance in h*ll that we would leave until he caved and interviewed us. The power of seduction is magic."

LouAnne, combing conditioner through her limp ducktail after the dunk in Bury The Beloved's tub, agreed: "Men are simple creatures. We don't usually like to play the "I'm hot and naked in your tub" card but in this case, it worked out great. Thanks Neon Bloodbath for the interview!"

Bury The Beloved has gone on record to say: "Truly frightening. It was truly frightening."

Neon Bloodbath covers news, reviews, interviews and all aspects of the horror culture with an eye on promoting independent artists, fans and websites that celebrate and promote horror.

Neon Bloodbath

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