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Confused Lunch Ladies Head To Olbia Film Market - Don't Understand What A Film Market Is

Olbia Film Network Figari Film Fest

The dark web has confirmed that The Lunch Ladies will be heading to Olbia Film Market in Italy, but are confused about what a film market is and are convinced they will be shopping for fine Italian shoes.

Professor Sweeney McTodd, Emeritus of Law and Economics at some prestigious University that was rated number one on Buzzfeed said:

"Ladies. A film market is a place for professionals including industry buyers, producers and festivals to watch selected films in the privacy of a video library. There they can decide if they want to distribute, program or produce the film. The Lunch Ladies are one of 250 films selected out of over 1,300 works to be part of the market."

Seretta, finding two jacked suitcases from their latest dumpster dive that she will schlep to Italy to hold all the shoes she plans to buy, retorted: "That's cool. But seriously, where will the shoes be? Mama needs some fine a*s Italian shoes."

LouAnne, packing a slew of shoe horns in anticipation for the event, added: "If those industry peeps wanna hang out in some dark room watching us, fine, but we'll be shopping for shoes. Thanks Olbia for the selection!"

The Olbia Film Market runs June 20-24 in tandem with the Figari Film Fest. It takes place in Olbia, Italy which is part of Sardinia.


Olbia Film Network Figari Film Fest


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