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SHOCKING EXPOSÉ! Lunch Ladies Head To SouthSide Film Fest After "Sharing" Philly Cheesesteak Recipe

SouthSide Film Festival

Shocking Exposé! Reporters from the dark web have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies are an official selection of Pennsylvania's SouthSide Film Festival after they "shared" their Philly Cheesesteak recipe with unsuspecting programmers.

Apparently, SouthSide Fest had every intention of keeping the Lunch Ladies out of the Keystone State - which up until now remained untainted by the notorious duo's presence - but the Lunch Ladies were determined to strut their stuff.

We caught up with the "chefs" who explained how they did it:

Said a smug Seretta, patting herself on the back with a taxidermied raccoon hand: "Everyone knows Pennsylvania takes their Philly Cheesesteak seriously. So we simply shared our very special Chearleadersteak I mean, Cheesesteak recipe with programmers."

LouAnne, stretching luxuriously on a stained mattress they fished out of a dumpster last week, continued: "We swear that little bit of spackled blood across the recipe card wasn't intentional, but it was a nice touch. Thanks SouthSide for the selection!"

The 15th annual SouthSide Film Festival takes place in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (about two hours outside Philadelphia). The fest is non-competitive with their only competition being that they can only select a very low percentage of films submitted. But don't let that stop you from entering. Just be creative like the Lunch Ladies.

The fest runs June 12-16. Details on when the Lunch Ladies screen to follow!

SouthSide Film Festival

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