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Greedy Lunch Ladies To Screen At Post Mortem Film Fest - "We Can't Get Enough Of Mexico"

Post Mortem Mexico Festival

JUST IN! The Lunch Ladies are riding high after their official selection by the Post Mortem International Horror & Bizarre Film Fest in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Sources have confirmed this will be the third time they've been to Mexico - having previously attended Mórbido Fest in Mexico City and KINÉ, Muestra de Cortometrajes in Puebla.

But still, they won't leave the country alone.

Said Seretta, selling black market Tequila out of the back of their Buick: "Mexico has a very special place in our hearts. Some say we were Aztecs in our past life and performed cheerleader sacrifices to appease the gods. Who knows, but we can't get enough of Mexico, right Lou?"

LouAnne, wearing a moth infested Serape and breaking in some stolen Huarache Sandals, concurred: "Si. We flipping love Mexico and no fest is gonna keep us out. Especially one named Post Mortem Horror & Bizarre Festival - thanks guys and gals for the selection!

The 11th annual Post Mortem International Horror & Bizarre Film Fest runs June 1 and 2nd in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Their primary aim is to provide more opportunities for the exhibition and appreciation of horror short films.

Post Mortem Film Fest

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