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Lunch Ladies Head To Barcelona For Cryptshow Fest Will Speak Catalan Using Google Translate

Breaking news! The Lunch Ladies will be heading to Cryptshow Barcelona and will use Google Translate to speak Catalan.

Apparently, the Ladies have been all over the world forcing irate folks to mumble English in their own country. This time, the ladies have decided to go the extra mile.

Said, Seretta practicing rolling her "r's" but sounding like a garbage disposal: "Cryptshow Festival is an amazing opportunity to impress Barcelonian lovers of horror. What better way than to speak their native tongue than by using Google Translate?"

LouAnne added: "Of course we'll do the usual things in Barcelona to fit in, like make finger I mean, fine tapas and dance the Flamingo, but this Google Translate stuff is really gonna score points. Thanks Cryptshow for giving us a chance to be part of your amazing culture!"

*When the Lunch Ladies were asked why they didn't just study the language and learn it they said: "We did. But, we couldn't speak it in 24 hours, so we gave up."

**Writer/Producer Clarissa Jacobson has repeatedly told the Lunch Ladies it's "FLAMENCO," not "Flamingo," but they insist Google Translate says it's "Flamingo."

Cryptshow Festival is dedicated to the fantasy and terror genres and runs July 7-9 in Badalona, Barcelona. Details on when Lunch Ladies screens to follow!


Facebook: @cryptshow.apologiadelterror



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