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Lunch Ladies Brag “It Pays To Be Subversive” After Their Acceptance Into Les Femmes Underground

Les Femmes Underground Intl' Film Fest

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have been bragging “It pays to be subversive” after their recent selection by Les Femmes Underground International Film Fest (LEFUFF). Apparently, LEFUFF prides itself on programming "subversive, unique and innovative works which redefine how women are represented in mainstream cinema.” The Lunch Ladies are thrilled and have been celebrating all night: Said, Seretta downing an absinthe shooter to take the edge off her hangover: "Usually we have to manipulate, lie and steal to get into a festival. This time we didn't have to do anything - our subversive, unique and innovative background spoke for itself. It’s so refreshing. Ugh. Absinthe tastes like sh*t.” LouAnne, smelling her furry armpits, grimaced then nodded: "Speaking of refreshing, I stink. Therefore, I shall attend the festival stinking - now THAT’S subversive. Thanks LEFUFF for the selection! It pays to be subversive!"

Les Femmes Underground Film Fest loves to take their audiences on a cinematic adventure via the underground world of feminist inter-sectional art, music, and celluloid fantasies. LEFFUF features films from over 30 different countries and now features the Lunch Ladies.

The Lunch Ladies play Saturday, September 1 at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. Times to be announced soon!

Les Femmes Underground Film Festival

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