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Ginger Nuts Of Horror Suggest Lunch Ladies More Enjoyable Than A Quickie

Ginger Nuts Of Horror

The dark web has confirmed that Joe X Young of the Ginger Nuts of Horror has suggested that the Lunch Ladies are more enjoyable than a quickie:

"You must have 19 minutes to spare, surely you do... What can you do in 19 minutes? Make love nine times? Whatever it is I doubt it will be as enjoyable as spending 19 minutes watching the ridiculously over-the-top Lunch Ladies."

Read the full uncensored story HERE!

Apparently, the ladies who have never had a single date in their entire lives much less a quickie, are incredibly touched:

Said Seretta, spritzing herself with Jean Nate in preparation for her virtual avatar date with The Depper: "A review like that really makes up for all those lonely nights as teens watching everyone popular suck face while we hung out with the shop teacher learning to use the skill saw. Frankly, we're new women because of it."

LouAnne, slicking back her ducktail with lard in hopes to horn in on Seretta's virtual Depper date, nodded: "We're not complaining about the past, learning to use sharp tools has served us well over the years. But, we're still sensitive, beautiful women and the fact that Mr. Young insinuated we're better than a quickie is incredibly touching. Thanks Ginger Nuts of Horror for the awesome review!"

Ginger Nuts Of Horror

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Ginger Nuts Of Horror



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