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Dr. McSweeney Prescribes Lunch Ladies Unreasonable Shorts Screening After They Demand Good Reviews

Unreasonable Shorts Screening

The past few weeks the Lunch Ladies have been incredibly unreasonable by threatening, harassing and demanding terrific reviews from a slew of helpless journalists including OC Movie Reviews, Red Carpet Crash, Cent Magazine, Film & TV Business and Spain's El Último Grito.

Renowned psychologist Dr. Todd McSweeney, who has never in his 40+ years of practice encountered such an unreasonable case, immediately prescribed the Lunch Ladies an Unreasonable Shorts Screening but has warned that their prognosis for recovery is grim:

"The sheer amount of unreasonableness the Lunch Ladies have shown to date make for an incredible if not impossible challenge. Let's be honest. The Lunch Ladies are sociopaths."

When asked for comment, the Ladies ignored the good doctor and said:

"Thanks Unreasonable Shorts for the screening! We demand a limo, a frosty cooler of Colt 45, and The Depper better be there. That's not so unreasonable is it?"

The Unreasonable Shorts Screening is run by actor/writer Torrey Drake and is an evening of celebrating amazing short film at the historic El Cid Restaurant.

Details on the screening can be found HERE!

Unreasonable Shorts Screening

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