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Lunch Ladies Make It To Windy City For Chicago Horror Fest – Take Hairnet Precautions

The Lunch Ladies are thrilled to finally make it to the Windy City for the Chicago Horror Film Fest but are deeply concerned about their hairnets.

Apparently, programmers agreed to screen the Lunch Ladies after they sent them a suspect "Chicago-Inspired Deep Dish Pizza" with thick, lumpy, red sauce but told the Ladies they had no control over Chicago's infamous hairnet challenging wind.

The Lunch Ladies fully understand and are taking precautions.

Said Seretta, loading a heavy duty staple gun: "Everyone knows that the Windy City is the Windy City for a reason. It's flipping windy. You can imagine how worried we are that our hairnets will blow away. It's our signature look and just can't happen. Hold still, Lou."


Louanne: "Ahhhh! Satan's whore. That smarted. Why do I always have to go first? Is it on crooked? I can't see, there's too much blood in my eyes. It feels crooked, but I guess as long as it stays on. Thanks Chicago Horror for the selection! Your turn, sissy!"

The 19th annual Chicago Horror Film Festival is an independent film fest and mixed-media event that runs from September 28-30.

The Lunch Ladies Screen on Saturday, September 29 at 8:30pm.

Details and Tickets HERE!

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