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Lunch Ladies Head To Barcelona As Official Selection of Filmets Fest - Determined To Bullfight

Filmets Badalona Film Festival

Reports are confirmed that the Lunch Ladies are an official selection of Barcelona's 44th Annual Filmets Badalona Festival and are determined to engage in bullfighting before their screening.

Filmets has given the headstrong duo a slap on the wrist and a firm warning:

“Film is about art, not the sport of bullfighting. If you show up with blood on you clothes we won’t let you in.”

Said Seretta, checking out her butt in bullfighter hot pants: “Whatever. It’s been our life-long dream to fight some bulls and nothing will stop us - especially not some hoity-toity film fest.”

LouAnne, practicing her bullfighting technique with a stinky red blanket she found in the trunk of their Buick LeSabre, was more gracious: “We understand Filmets position, however we’re confident once we kick a*s in the bullring they’ll come around. Thanks Filmets for the selection!"

The 44th Edition of Filmets Badalona runs from October 19-28, 2018. The Lunch Ladies will close the festival Friday, October 26 at 9pm at Teatre Zorrilla. Writer/Producer Clarissa Jacobson and Producer/Choreographer Joe Bratcher will be in attendance and hope the Lunch Ladies behave.

Filmets Badalona Festival

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