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Lunch Ladies Head To Mexico's Feratum Fest After Holding Ritual Pot Pie Sacrifice To Aztec God

Feratum Festival

The dark web is abuzz with the news that the Lunch Ladies are heading to Mexico's Feratum Fantastic Fest after holding a ritual pot pie sacrifice to Mictlantecuhtli - Aztec God of the Dead.

Apparently, the Ladies have been to Mexico four times before* and knew getting there a fifth time for the Feratum Fest (who wanted nothing to do with them) would require skill:

Said Seretta, wearing an elaborate Aztec Headdress she made from crepe paper, pigeon feathers and toilet paper rolls: "It was obvious Feratum was not gonna fall for our usual scams. Only so many times you can fool the Mexicans. We needed help. Real help. Aztec God help."

LouAnne, wearing an elaborate Aztec Headdress she made from raccoon tails, pipe cleaners and silly putty, nodded: "The obvious choice was good old Mictlantecuhtli who demanded we sacrifice some of our "special" pot pie to him. Soon after this simple ritual, Feratum was ours."

BOTH: "Thanks Feratum Fantastic for the selection, we can't wait to come to Mexico again!"

The Seventh Annual Feratum International Festival of Fantastic Film, Terror and Science Fiction of Tlalpujahua takes place in its headquarters of Tlalpujahua and in Mexico City. Last year the three day festival had 27,000 spectators.

*The Mexican festivals the Lunch Ladies have scammed, manipulated and lied their way into include: Mórbido Fest, 24 Risas Por Segundo, KINÉ, Muestra de Cortometrajes and Post Mortem Fest in Aguascalientes where they won and celebrated until they collapsed.

Details on when the Lunch Ladies screen coming soon!

Feratum Festival

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