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Lunch Ladies Head To New Orleans for NOLA Horror Film Fest After Using Voodoo Spell On Programmers

NOLA Horror Film Fest

Once again, the Lunch Ladies have employed nefarious means to get ahead. This time it's Voodoo, and they've used it to score a selection from New Orleans' NOLA Horror Film Fest.

Apparently, the Ladies love Jambalaya and Beignets but knew programmers would never select them unless they raised the spirit of Marie Laveau and picked her brain.

Said Seretta, practicing an annoying Haitian accent in hopes to sound more legit when she gets to New Orleans: "We had to get in da fest no doubts about it. So we conjure up da Ms. Laveau, and she tell us to cut da chicken throat but no chickens 'round so we substitutes raccoon."

LouAnne, taking a break from murdering Iko Iko on a shiny sax she lifted from a student at Melvin High, continued: "Not much blood in a raccoon. But, Ms. Laveau said it would work if we danced naked in our living room, howled at The Depper and screamed NOLA NOLA NOLA!

BOTH: "Before we knew it, we were IN! Thanks, NOLA Horror Fest!"

The 8th Annual NOLA Horror Film Fest was created by horror filmmakers for horror fans. NOLA's goal is the promotion of Genre Filmmaking in Louisiana, as well as nationally and internationally. It runs from September 20-23.

Details on when the Lunch Ladies screen coming soon!

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