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Blame It On Rio! Lunch Ladies Win Best At Les Femmes And Head to Brazil's Hell De Janeiro

Hell de Janeiro

JUST IN! News outlets across the world are blaming it on Rio after discovering that the Lunch Ladies have scored a Best Dark Comedy Jury Award from Les Femmes Underground Film Fest and also are an official selection of Brazil's Hell de Janeiro.

Said Seretta, seductively dancing to The Girl From Impanema: "It's so thrilling to be heading to Brazil where Carnival is king, the rain forest thrives and F.U.N. reigns supreme. On top of it we won at Les Femmes. Hey, blame it on Rio."

LouAnne, modeling a speck of a bikini that's sure to clear Rio's famous Copacabana Beach, nodded: "Getting away with infiltrating Brazil and winning Les Femmes was SO EASY because Rio was there to blame! Thanks Les Femmes and Hell de Janeiro!"

Hell de Janeiro is an international Horror and Terror festival that takes place in Rio de Janeiro. It runs from September 13-19. Details on when the Lunch Ladies screen to follow!

Les Femmes Underground Film Festival

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Les Femmes Underground Film Fest loves to take their audiences on a cinematic adventure via the underground world of feminist inter-sectional art, music, and celluloid fantasies. LEFFUF features films from over 30 different countries and now features the Lunch Ladies.

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