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Lunch Ladies Threaten Idaho Horror Film Fest Into A Selection By Pummeling Their Offices With Spuds

Idaho Potatoes

JUST IN!  In a shocking show of poor taste, the Lunch Ladies have threatened the Idaho Horror Film Festival into a selection by pummeling their offices with rancid potato grenades.

It's no secret the Ladies are on a quest to dominate America by plaguing every state with their presence.  Idaho has so far remained unscathed and they were determined to keep it that way.  Unfortunately the women had other plans:

Seretta, still in the sleek black garbage bag she wore during Operation Spud, said:  "We had to get in Idaho Horror Fest.  When those programmers said "no dice," we knew some gentle aggression was in the cards.  Tell 'em how we did it, Lou."   

LouAnne, smoking a soggy cigarillo in celebration of Operation Spud's success, nodded:  "It was easy and simple, feel free to try it at home.  We bought a bunch of Idaho potatoes and left them under our sink until they we're black and soft.  A few lobs and victory was ours!"

BOTH: "Thanks Idaho Horror Film Fest for the selection!" 

The mission of the non-profit, fifth annual Idaho Horror Film Festival is to shine a spotlight on Idaho’s burgeoning film making community while showcasing the very latest in horror films from around the globe.  IHFF screens at the 750 person, historic (and haunted) Egyptian Theater in the heart of downtown Boise.

Details on when the Lunch Ladies screen coming soon!

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