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Lunch Ladies Score Italian Premiere At Fano Film Fest - Excited To Eat As Much Cannoli As Possible

Fano Film Festival

News outlets across the world have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have scored their Italian premiere at the Fano Film Festival where they will eat as much cannoli as humanly possible.

Said Seretta, taking out the waist in her knock-off Pucci bell-bottoms she will wear at the fest: "I've been partying like mad the past few months on the film circuit and I'm not the svelte vixen I once was. Yet, I'm still incredibly sexy. Therefore, the diet can wait until after Fano Fest."

LouAnne, packing bottles of Rolaids in preparation for their cannoli-thon, continued: "Nothing is going to stop us from eating cannolis in Italy until we're sick. Thanks Fano Film Festival for giving us the opportunity to screen and nurse cannoli hangovers at the same time!"

The 30th Annual Fano Film Festival runs from October 16-20 in Fano, Italy.

Lunch Ladies screens on Saturday, October 20 at 8:45pm during the Gala Event.


Facebook: @fanointernationalfilmfestival



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