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Lunch Ladies Head To Spain's Nocturna Madrid After Befriending Cuddly Pal With "Great Personality"

Nocturna Madrid

Reports are confirmed that the Lunch Ladies are off to Nocturna Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival after befriending a cuddly new pal by the name of Urggg.

Apparently, the women harassed Nocturna Madrid for months demanding a selection but it wasn't until they enlisted the help of Urggg that their appeals were met:

Said Seretta, squeezing into a skintight hot pink polyester flamenco dress she plans to impress Spain with: "We were dying to get into that festival but knew our chances were slim. Thank goodness for Urggg who diplomatically told them they had to screen us. Tell 'em, Lou."

LouAnne, shopping for cheap plastic castanets, continued "Urggg hangs out in the basement of Nocturna's headquarters and when he heard our predicament, he simply told those feisty programmers he'd make tapas of them if they didn't screen us. What a great personality!"

BOTH: "Thanks Nocturna Madrid for the selection!"

Nocturna Madrid

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