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Lunch Ladies Head To London For Soho Horror And Misty Moon Fest - Will Ride Double Decker Bus

Breaking news! The Lunch Ladies have finally made to London for the Soho Horror and Misty Moon Film Festivals where they will ride a double decker bus to their screenings and yell "Bob's your Uncle" at confused passerby.

Apparently, the Lunch Ladies have been dying to get to Britain to harass the Queen, shoplift at Harrods and eat as many fish and chips as possible. However, nothing is higher on their bucket list than a trip on London's most iconic transportation:

Said Seretta, drinking Twinings spiked with Colt 45 and conversing in a phony British accent: "It's bloody wonderful to be heading to the Soho and Misty Moon Festivals. We shall ride like the wind, breathe in London exhaust and yell "Bob's your Uncle" all the way there."

LouAnne, modeling a cheap Union Jack handkerchief and matching tee she bought at the dollar store - two for one - seconded it with her own annoying accent: "Blimey, it's going to be bloody amazing! Thanks Soho & Misty Moon for the selection - and remember, Bob's your Uncle!"

*Special thank you to British author Ross Baxter who is a fan of the Lunch Ladies and designed the apropos photo above of the Ladies.

The Lunch Ladies screen on Saturday, October 27 at Misty Moon Int'l and Sunday, November 11 for Soho Horror - Details can be found HERE!

The Soho Horror Film Festival is London's newest genre festival screening films in the heart of the city at the intimate and unique Karma Sanctum Hotel cinema.

Soho Horror Festival

Follow Soho Horror Film Festival at:


Facebook: @SohoHorrorFest

Twitter: @sohohorrorfest

The 7th annual Misty Moon International Film Festival is held at London's cultural gem - The Cinema Museum. Every year, they have a number of celebrity judges and this season the event will be hosted by legendary comedy duo Trevor Neal and Simon Hickson.

Follow Misty Moon International at:


Facebook: @themistymoonfilmsociety

Twitter: @MistyMoonEvents



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